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With the unfortunate misuse of controlled substances in our country, more and more people are concerned about how drug cases are being handled than ever before. Particularly with politicians’ increased focus on drug bans to raise their popularity, law enforcement officials have been greatly encouraged to use the most zealous approach on catching, detaining, and arresting those possessing or selling drugs. Unfortunately, this causes many police officers and prosecutors to be overly eager, and mistakes are often made in their desire to put someone behind bars.

If you have been charged with this serious crime of possessing, trafficking, or selling drugs, you will likely face harsh fines, imprisonment, and other lifelong consequences. You need our reliable Chicago drug crime lawyers to defend your rights. Count on Quintana Law Group, LLC to zealously support you.

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Jail Time for Possession

If you live in the state of Illinois, the length of time you will need to spend in jail greatly depends on the specific kind of drug you were convicted of possessing, as well as the amount of this substance.

Some examples of drug schedules and the usual years charged for specific possession include:

  • A felony where the controlled substances involved were cocaine, heroin, morphine, LSD, or hallucinogenic substances can result in incarceration of 4 to 50 years.
  • A felony where the controlled substances involved were peyote, barbituric acid, or and amphetamines substances can result in incarceration of 4 to 15 years.
  • A felony where the controlled substances involved were ketamine, PCP, methaqualone, or pentazocine, or where the defendant possessed at least 200 grams worth of narcotics in the first or second schedules, can result in incarceration of 4 to 15 years.
  • A felony involving possession of any schedule I or II drug which is less than 200 grams can result in incarceration of 1 to 3 years.
  • A class C misdemeanor, meaning that it is your first offense, can result in incarceration of up to 6 months.

Defenses for Your Drug Case

When you have been unfairly charged with a drug crime, the situation can feel hopeless. However, our experienced defense attorneys are very familiar with the many strategies for aggressively fighting against such accusations. You can be sure that all the facts of your case are reviewed while we build a legal strategy that is tailored to your unique needs.

In many scenarios, defendants involved in a drug case were completely unaware of their participation, either due to mistaken identity or because the substance belonged to a friend or family member. In other cases, the officers themselves might have behaved wrongfully, which can provide ample reasons for dropping your case.

Take Proactive Measures Now

Remember that time is of the essence for getting powerful legal support. You need the counsel of a knowledgeable Chicago drug crime attorney to help you avoid the severe punishment you might otherwise receive.

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